The Forgotten Letrigland

LetriglandNoticing something peculiar on the Blantyre 1747 map, I was intrigued to see a place clearly marked very prominently in Blantyre, that is no longer there. Nothing too unusual about that for there were many houses that are now gone. However, this place wasn’t just a house, but was an AREA of Blantyre that has vanished completely, without trace and without any mention in any historical record!

On the map, areas such as Bardykes and Coatshill are marked, but there, in Blantyre Parish, just South of the Priory itself on the bend of the river is “Letrigland”. It looks like a large house with grounds enclosed by a wall or sorts. (Red lines on this old map were man made structures). Searches for anything on this name have drawn a blank, with no reference online in newspapers or in local libraries. An area truly that has vanished from Blantyre’s past!

To the North of the Priory at this time was “Boatland”, an area history records more recently as Boat Jocks. Further South 2014 Letriglandthe Priory, then further South again on this stretch of river , another “land”. The mysterious Letrigland does not feature on the 1822 map, or indeed on any subsequent map, leaving the conclusion that the building was demolished between 1747 and 1822. The area was accessed off Blantyre Ferme Road and is shown on the old map as farmlands. By the 1900s , the area became Blantyre Priory Colliery, the extensive mine works most likely wiped out all existence of any remaining ruins of the old building. More recently and in modern aerial photos, the area of Letrigland is now completely grown over by the Priory Plantations.

If you know anything about Letrigland, I would love to hear from you.

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