High Blantyre Station

1920 High Blantyre StationThis photo plate has date 1920 on the back. It was my great grandfathers. It shows High Blantyre Train Station (long since gone) which used to be connected to Hamilton and up beyond Cathkin, via stone viaducts which can still be seen today near Greenhall.

I often see debates arising over photos of which station was High Blantyre and which is Low Blantyre. Its real easy. The tracks are dead straight either direction at Low Blantyre. There is a curve either direction at High Blantyre.

Today of course, the High Blantyre Station that was situated beside Criagmuir Road at the Parish Church, is no longer there. Now the site of modern homes. In this picture, the bridge is exactly where main street is today, the line curving round the back of High Blantyre Primary School Annexe and on to Broompark and Auchinraith. The Church is just out the picture on the right. The line met a junction near where the top of Stonefield Crescent is today, one line going off through Blantyre as described, the other going up to East Kilbride over the Greenhall Viaduct. The pillars and embankments are still there today. Huge swathes of parks are the legacy of this old railway line. The parkland beside the chapel at Broompark, and the parkland near Victoria Street heading to Auchinraith Road was all railway at one time.

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