Dad the Dodger

Judge_HammerOn 22nd October 1944, after a long procession of mothers had been interviewed regarding children’s absenteeism at Blantyre School Management Committee, a new member inquired why the mothers invariably appeared to these type of meetings, although the fathers were legally responsible, and it was they who were summoned.

No one could explain, but it was admitted mothers could generally work up a story not only about the absence of the children from Blantyre’s schools, but also about the ” unavoidable ” failure of fathers to answer the summons. They did not know that one father that night was waiting outside the committee room to hear how his spouse had managed to explain.” As she emerged after her interview, the following dialogue was overheard:—

Husband (quietly, but anxiously) “Hoo did yi git oan?”
Wife (angrily)—” A’ didni git oan ataw-—an’, oanwey, it’s you hoo should ha’ bin in ther, no’ me.”
Husband (on the defensive) —” Wi know a’ that, bit th’ill lissen tae you whin they micht no’ be sae easy oan me.”
Wife (firmly)—” I’s aw right. The next time he says it’s the Shuruff Goort! Yi know whet that means. YOU’LL be inside an’ A’ll be oo’side.”

The rest of the conversation was lost as the couple disappeared in the dim-out.

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