Blantyre Project’s Social Media Book

IMG_1803Another important day for The Blantyre Project! We’re proud to launch a new book, our largest yet. Before you rush out to the shops though, its not for sale. This is an historical reference book which cannot be bought. It’s a limited edition, single print run commissioned book that represents the single largest collection of Blantyre’s history EVER put into print!

At 438 pages, over 200,000 words and thousands of photos, it collects every story, every article, photo and social media comments put to them, all in one place, from the beginning of Blantyre Project in October 2012 right up until last week. There is no other book in existence that features such an abundance of Blantyre’s past over a broad and diverse range of subjects.

The book is bound in a hardback glossy cover, is in full colour on every page, and is in an exceptional resolution. It is something i’m very proud of. As i mentioned, it’s a Social Media book, so as well as my published research,  it also features comments from over 1,000 people all connected with Blantyre and of course gives credit where due to anything donated. It is hoped the book will be an excellent resource for future generations, not only to see what life was like in the past, but also to see how we lived our daily lives in 2013 and 2014.

On Friday 15th May 2014, the “Blantyre Project Big Social Media” Book was donated as a gift to Blantyre Library as a reference resource for generations of Blantyre people to enjoy. The book can’t be removed from the library, nor copied in any way in full or in part, but is now there for people to read in the reference section.

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