Blantyre Miner’s Paylsip

1930 miners payslipThank you to Mary Crowe for emailing me this old payslip of our Uncle Edward McGuire, who used to work with the Summerlee Iron Company, a miner at Bardykes Colliery.

From the 11th January 1930, the slip records the tonnage of coal extracted, and has a lot of welfare benefits such as doctors pay, infirmary costs or extra equipment hire.


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  1. Correcting my email address. My grandfather Edward McGuire was a miner from Blantyre. Wondering if this is he. His children were John, James, Kathleen and Ed jr.

  2. My grandfather’s name was Edward McGuire. He lived in Blantyre and worked as a miner. Same person? His children were John (my father) Edward junior, James and Kathleen.

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