1747 Springwells Map

1747 Springwells MapWhilst i’ve referred to this section of the map as Springwells, the date of 1747, is long before any reference to Springwells. The area though is well known as are some features, properties and areas such as Craighead and Whistleberry. Bothwell was nothing more than a handful of homes and there was a small community at Raith, at that time even larger than Blantyre itself and certainly must have had a hand later in the naming of “Auchinraith” (meaning, Area of Land near Raith)

Staying within the Blantyre Parish, i see the property Whistleberry. The house was known as Whistleberry Grove and built on the same location as the later 1809 Auchinraith House would be constructed.

A large farm steading called “Newhouse” stood in what is now Springwells. The actual location is where modern day Parkville Drive and Springwells Crescent is, the lands at the back of the house farmed. The Newhouse is no longer there and is not to be confused with a house of similar name in Sydes Brae.

For me though, the new information taken from this map was the site of an unknown mill called “The Blackbird Mill”. This was situated near to modern Birdsfield Drive in low Blantyre. On the Parkburn itself, i can only describe it’s old location as between modern Russell Street in Burnbank and Ballantrae Road in High Blantyre. As far as i’m aware no evidence remains of the Blackbird Mill, another building lost to history. This sporadic sprawl of just a few properties were the humble beginnings of Blantyre in this map area.

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