Milheugh Bridge Early Graffiti

A recent walk in April 2014 took me wandering down the Peth Brae to Milheugh Bridge. It has been a while since i visited this area which was a favourite haunt of mine as a child. As soon as i saw the flat stones under the bridge, i recalled playing with paper boats and paddling in the foot deep water.

However, this day, i was here not just for recreation taking my dog for a walk. I cam armed with a camera, intending to add to an increasing number of photos of modern Blantyre. The old bridge’s story has been retold before by this website, but i this time i was looking for more details. The bridge had been repaired in 1952 after many delays in obtaining permissions and has decades of graffiti sprawled over it.

It was this inscription that caught my eye though. A piece of graffiti carved into the sandstone turret on the upper North side. Just at the bottom of Lindsay Hill leading to Malcolmwood. On the stone was “JH 1957”, perhaps the earliest example of graffiti on this “modern” bridge. That same year the bridge was reconstructed with the National Coal Board funding the build after a survey showed the underlaying mine workings as having caused the damage.

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