High Blantyre Manse Orchards

manseorchardsMy old 1859 map highlights a feature in High Blantyre now long gone. The old manse house, in the grounds of High Blantyre Parish Church had extensive orchards, not just around the house, but stretching out South in fields of fruit trees reaching as far back as the bottom of Sydes Brae.

The orchards were known to have pears, apples and gooseberries. Beyond the orchards were open fields, with no railway yet, nor indeed main roads.  These extensive grounds now have modern homes on them in Manse Place and the A725 East Kilbride Expressway and sliproads are located over the same area. Prior to the Expressway being built nearby Douglas Street was reprofiled as was the junction at the foot of Sydes Brae.

The manse itself was described at the time as being amongst the finest in Scotland. In 1859 the Rev S Patterson lived at the manse. The Church still at that time located actually within the old Kirkyard was approaching the end of it’s life. You can read a lovely tale about pinching those orchard fruits here which i uncovered last year. http://blantyreproject.com/2013/03/05/old-robin-lets-them-in/

Here is the current view of the Manse Orchards.


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