The Irony of Blantyre Ferme Cottage

blantyrefarmcottage1859Continuing my investigations into Blantyre homes that are now no longer here. To the east of Blantyre Farm was Blantyre Ferme Cottage. This was a modest home , built around 1830 on the very edge of the Clyde. Neighbours were sparse as aside from the Blantyre Farm itself, the cottage was very isolated.

There was an inscription on the west side of it, to the effect that “Dame Nature” portrays each stage in life round this cottage. i.e mother nature surrounds the home. It was much better known in Blantyre as Clydeside Cottage, from being on the banks of the river. The proprietor, Mr P Scott, however did not recognise any names but that of Blantyre Ferme Cottage given by his own authority.

Today, the cottage doesn’t exist and i have been unable to trace when it was demolished. Similarly, i dont have any photos of it either. The scene is very different and ironically the greenery of living trees and grass belonging to Mother Nature HAS claimed not only the area around the cottage, but actually covers the area where the cottage once stood.


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