Midnight Affray at Blantyre

From the Sunday Post 5th September 1926.

knife“On inquiry at the Royal Infirmary tonight, The Sunday Post learned that the Lithuanian miner and his wife, who were seriously wounded in a sensational affair at Blantyre, are fairly comfortable. The couple are Kazimeras Skudauckas, who has nasty wound in the throat, and his wife, Ore,  who has knife or razor wounds on her arms, body, and left knee.

They reside with their family of four girls and three boys at 40 Baird’s Rows, Blantyre, where the affair occurring at midnight has created considerable sensation.

For ten years the couple, who are known locally as Smith, have stayed in the district, and were looked upon as being quiet and well doing. Mr Smith, however, is stated to have recently been rather queer in his manner. He served in the British Army during the war and since his demobilisation has never been quite the same, showing periods of depression and in the last few months an inclination to be irritable.

Exactly what happened at the house is yet not known, the first indication that all was not well being the shrieks of Mrs Smith, which attracted their next door neighbour, Mr William Cullen, a miner.

From him “The Sunday Post” obtained a graphic description of the scene that met his eyes when he responded to the cries for help.

Woman Half Out Window.

I was sitting at the fire reading my paper,” said Mr Cullen, “and my wife was in bed sleeping, as it was after twelve. Suddenly I was startled to hear a scream coming from the next house. It was dark when I got out and at first I could see nothing. A scream, however, came from tne direction of Smith’s house, and when I looked there I was horrified to see Mrs Smith hanging halfout of the window, and bleeding from wounds.” Mr Smith shouted, “Oh, Cullon, come and help me and I made a dash for the door, but found that it was locked. Then the woman disappeared from the window, and, climbing up on the sill, I scrambled through the open window into the house.

Terrified Children.

“The gas was lit, and it was a terrible sight that met my eyes. In the far away corner, the man was lying. I saw that there was a nasty gash in his throat. The woman was half lying in the corner near the window. She was in an awful condition. Her clothing were stained with blood, and although she was very weak she was still screaming wildly.

The poor children, who had been in bed stood huddled in a corner, too terrified to do anything. “I got out of the house by the window, and ran to a neighbouring house for assistance. A doctor was quickly in attendance, and at once ordered their removal to the Royal Infirmary.

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