Blantyre Project now in Miners Welfare

IMG_1570I have some excellent news! With the kind assistance of Blantyre Miners Welfare Community & Resource Centre, Calder Street, the Blantyre Project book is now available to be bought directly there! That is, you can pick up a copy of the book ANYTIME from the Centre. This is an important news story for The Blantyre Project as it provides a means of people WITHOUT computers, to be able to walk in and buy a book which is discounted for anybody wanting to buy a copy at only £12.99.

The kind staff at the Centre were very accommodating and i’m pleased to say Blantyre Project also has an excellent professional banner display on show permanently in the reception area. (pictured)

40% of the residual profits of books bought at the centre will go to the Haven.  The Community Centre is the first confirmed outlet of three in the local area which will supply offline copies of the book.

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