Archer’s Croft, High Blantyre

archerscroft1859Archer’s Croft was a large open field on the lands of Shott, at High Blantyre. The field was located directly across the road from the Blantyre Old Parish Church. High Blantyre Primary school Annexe was built on the field, as well as the Church Halls, now more locally known as Kirkview Care home.

Rolling back to this 1859 map, a detailed but brief description is provided. “Archers Croft is a field on the lands of Shott where urns, a stone coffin and a skull were found (as shown on the map). The name (Archers Croft) is well known and is supposed to have been taken from the Archers of olden times”.

The urns, stone coffin and skull was part of a bronze age burial , all of which was preserved and now in museums in Glasgow. The location of the burial was approximately where the entrance roadway is at Afton Gardens. In 1859, there was no school, no church halls, nothing much really. The field was open and sloped down to the Calder Braes. In olden times Blantyre youth were instructed in the ways of swords and practice of archery, being a great hobby of lower classes which were bound by Royal Proclamation to practice on Sundays and holidays after divine service. Clearly the land had an old croft on it at one time to form the name of the field. Today, as well as the Care Home, houses on Main Street, Afton Gardens, Ellisland Drive, Armour Court , Hunthill Road and the red ash pitches occupy the field.

1859 Description of Archers Croft

1859 Description of Archers Croft

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  1. Brian mentions a house called archer something. It was Archers Croft opposite the church and my great Aunt Lizzie (Lizzie mcCallum) lived there for many years. I was born in Hamilton in January 1946 and was baptised in Blantyre church. We used to go back every year for holidays, there was a factory next door but can’t remember what was made there but there was a Mr Adams involved.
    Gosh lots of happy memories of that house. 😊😊
    Anne Quinn

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