Merry’s Rows, Near Glasgow Road

merryIn 1914, the Housing Commission visited Merry’s Rows to assess the living standards. They concluded and wrote a report detailing:

We visited these two rows of miners’ houses on 24th March 1913. They are situated near to the Glasgow Road, in the Parish of Blantyre, and are owned by Merry & Cunninghame, coalmasters. They consist of 46 single- and 50 double-apartment houses. They are built with brick, and were erected between thirty and forty years ago, and are a very poor type of house, low-ceilinged and mostly damp. The rent per week, including rates, is 2s. 4d. and 2s. 11d. for single and double houses respectively. Within the last five years this property has been included in a special scavenging district, and consequently the sanitation of the place has been very much improved. The water is supplied by means of stand-pipes at intervals along the front of the row. There are no sculleries or sinks about the place, and all the dirty water is emptied into an open gutter. There is a washhouse to every six tenants, and a flush-closet to every three tenants. Bins are in vogue, with a daily collection of refuse. No coal-cellars or drying-greens. A man is kept for tidying up the place.

The final demise of Merry’s Rows happened in 1937, when the last of the residents were moved to the new housing in Calder Street. This hi resolution photo was kindly provided to me from Gordon Dunsmuir and is reprinted here with his permission.

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