The Priors of Blantyre

A complete list of the Priors that lived in and around the Blantyre Priory. In order.

Friar William About A. D. 1296
Walter, Prior of Blantyre About A. D. 1340
John of Eglinton About A. D. 1380
William Forfar About A. D. 1430
Dominus William Fresell About A. D. 1451
Dominus William Bassindene About A. D. 1457
Robert Coitts About A. D. 1520
John Moncrief About A. D. 1540
John Roull About A. D. 1547
John Hamilton About A. D. 1549
William Chirnsyde About A. D. 1552 Last Prior and First Minister

These men were the main religious heads of pre-reformation Blantyre. Of note, Robert Coitts gave his name to what eventually became the Coatshill area of Blantyre, with his family living in that region well after he was the head of the nearby Priory. oldtreeAgain of note, William Chirnyde, who through fear and intimidation of the reformation, became the First Minister of Blantyre.

It is said that some of the Priors were buried below trees around the Priory although there is no documented evidence that this was the case. Who knows though, perhaps the bones of some of these people are still there under the roots of adjacent trees.

Blantyre Project will be bringing you some in depth history on some of these people in the coming weeks.

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