The old Springfield House

springfield1Springfield House may be remembered by a certain generation, myself included. Located at the junction of Broompark Road and Springfield Crescent, the old house in it’s latter years had a dark and foreboding appearance, which was only really due to it’s age and location amongst some tall trees.

In 1859, the valuation roll describes the house as “A superior dwelling feued off the lands belonging to “Mains” or “Old Place”, — Lord Blantyre’s, feued.” The house was situated on the old lands of Mains. Built around early 1810 it sat in a field, very close by the Broompark House and really with nothing much else around it. It was rumoured that the gate posts on the main Broompark Road were from the old Hamilton Palace and people may remember the small “heads” that topped the posts. (which were actually quite frightening to a child!).

Springfield House was not to be confused with Springfield Cottage, located off the Glasgow Road. It was owned in post war years by the Quinn family. The house was demolished fairly recently around the Millennium and the site is now occupied by a modern bungalow.

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