Greencroft at Bardykes Road

greencroft1859Greencroft is described in 1859 as being a superior dwelling on the banks of the Rotton Calder having outhouses, garden and a little ornamental garden. The house is no longer there today but used to sit on Bardykes Road, just North of the Cottage Hospital.

The large substantial stone dwelling had been built around 1810. At the time, there were only fields in the surrounding areas of Barnhill and the property Greencroft stood very much alone and isolated on Bardykes Road.

I’ve researched the owner of this property who was a Polish Immigrant by the name of Dionysius. The man was really a bit of a rogue, (or so history has recorded!). One of his exploits can be found here:

During wartime years Greencroft passed in ownership to a Colliery business. The house was intended for one of their colliery managers but ended up being occupied by squatters in 1945. In 2003 the house lay derelict and was demolished shortly after. The site is now a modern housing estate.

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