1920’s Trip to the Calder

1920sgranandfriendsThis family photo is a little bit of a mystery. Given the fashion and what i know already of this photo, it is likely the 1920’s. The only person I recognise is my Grandmother Mary Duncan (Mary Danskin at that time) in the back row, next to the tall chap. On the back of the photo it says “Calder Outing”. I don’t see any of the rest of our family, so i think it probably was a Sunday School trip, given the amount of kids! Maybe taken in the 1920s, there’s a lot of “acting up for the camera” going on.  Some of the people have swapped bonnets and caps, even between men and women.  This looks likely as being a fun day out with a picnic for the Sunday School. If anybody can pinpoint the location in the Calder, feel free to let us all know!

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