Glasgow Road, 1925

GlasgowAlmost a Century old, this remarkable photo was taken in Glasgow Road. There’s certainly a noticeable lack of traffic., signage and road markings. If you look closely, the newspaper “Gazette” offices are on the left. Most of these buildings are now gone. A watching “bobby” keeps an eye on the photographer, who is clearly standing on the road itself to capture his shot.

Mr. John Clifford first founded the Gazette on 27th November 1925, the first edition appearing a few weeks later. Everybody knew how to contact the reporters. New telephone systems throughout Blantyre were connected, so you could simply dial ‘Blantyre 321’ to submit a story or advertisement. The newspaper became a very popular read with residents in Blantyre. The final edition of the Gazette was printed on 31st January 1964 and was sorely missed for an entire generation.


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  1. Im looking for any information on my Great Grandparents.
    Alexander Barrie B:Feb1881 in Dalserf & D:May 1927 at 81 Glasgow Rd
    Sarah Barrie (Irvine) B1890 in Blantyre & D:Nov 1925 Infirmary in Edinburgh

    in 1911 Census they lived at 86 Glasgow Rd and Alexander was a Colliery Engine keeper aboveground – 30yrs. He lost his left foot in a mining accident but not sure when.
    in 1915 Valuation Roll they lived at 86 Glasgow Rd and he was a cycle agent at 81 Glasgow Rd. My Grandmother (Jane Ramsay Barrie B 1911 Blantyre) said her Dad had a motorcycle repair shop.

    I am looking for information on the cycle shop and which mine he worked in. If there were any newspaper articles on the shop or their obits in the Gazette paper. I am assuming they are both buried i Blantyre but confirmation of this would be appreciated.

    My Grandmother came to Canada in 1968 the yr I was born and lived with us growing up. As she was an orphan at 16 yrs she didn’t speak very much of her childhood. She did recall riding in the side car on her Dads motorbike and she also attended Bathgate Academy till her parents died when she left school at 16.

    I am compiling any information I can find for my mom’s 75th birthday next March and I would be grateful of any additional history of my maternal Great Grandparents. thank you. Lindsay Paterson (McPheat)

    1. Thomas Barrie Francis

      I am writing a family tree and a history of my grandparents back to my mum.
      My mum was Mary Brown Barrie married name Francis. Alexander Barrie is my great Uncle. My Grandfather was Thomas Brown Barrie (my namesake) as I am Thomas Barrie Francis. My mum told me that Alexander lost his leg in a mining accident. I would appreciate any information you can give me. I have completed the History from John Barrie ‘s family.
      In ancestry I have a family tree named franics family tree. (I spelt Francis wrongly on propose. I have already gained a lot of information.

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