The Runaway Bridegroom

On occasion, i’ve heard of instances where a bride gets pre-marriage nerves and decided to be late or even not turn up. However, a bride groom running off is less common and this story adds a further element taking it to another level.

On Thursday 12th July 1849, the London News reported a story, which is reprinted here in full

“On Monday forenoon a respectable looking female, who had seen at least 40 Summers, reported at the Central Police office that she had been robbed of 20 shillings under the following, rather peculiar circumstances  – It appears she keeps a small shop in the village of Blantyre, where she had succeeded in saving a few pounds, all of which was deposited in the Union Bank, Glasgow. Some time ago, a young labourer, named Lockharton, made up to the spinster and succeeded in making such an impression upon her heart that she consented to marry him. Everything appeared to have been arranged (for the wedding) and as he groom was no blessed with much ready cash, it became imperative on the bride to make a little encroachment on her savings, in order to go through the proceedings creditably. For this purpose, the fair one Union Bank of Scotland, 115-117 St Vincent Street, Glasgowaccompanied by her intended, came into town (Glasgow) on Monday in order to take a certain sum out the bank. They arrived so early, they had to sit and wait for some minutes before business commenced in the establishment. The moment the doors opened, a cheque for 20 shillings was entrusted to the young bridegroom for the purposes of getting it cashed for them. For a more expeditious transaction of the business, it was arranged that whilst he was inside getting the money, the woman would remain in Ingram Street , outside the bank, browsing some local shops. After waiting a considerable time back at the bank and seeing no sign of her intended, the lady made enquiry inside and learned that the cheque had been cashed in full and Lockharton who had received the money had immediately left the bank by the back entrance. The faithless lothario since contrived to keep out of the reach of the officers of the law.”

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