Discouraging Blantyre Children

We take sports as an important and vital part of school activities these days. One of the most popular sports being Football. It’s fun, exciting, very social and with health benefits. Rightly so. However, things were very different a 100 years ago.

footballDuring November 1905 the Blantyre School Board Chairman reported his concern that there was appearing to be a swing towards “athletes” at school, rather than “academics”. His words were minuted that the bad influence of sport infiltrating into the curriculum was down “entirely to the game of football”. He motioned that “the Board had agreed to discourage the game of football as it was indulged too much by the boys at the present time. Furthermore, it was the agreed opinion of the Board that the sustained effort in the game of football as played in open field or ground, was injurious and damaging to the overall health of the boys. This is what a good many local school authorities think, even if they are fearful to say it. Blantyre School Board will take action at the forefront and in the interests of children”.

Source: Westminster Gazette and also Aberdeen Journal Saturday 18th November 1905

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