Pattonholm Ford the Medieval Road

fordIn the centuries before Bardykes Road existed, a small medieval path linked a couple of the hamlets within Blantyre. Pattonholm Path linked Loanend Road/Spittal through the Calder Braes at Dysholm field, past the old mill , over the River Calder itself and up into the old Village at Barnhill (at the Hoolets Nest). This medieval road was the main thoroughfare in an out of the hamlets within Blantyre and the crossing point of the river was called Pattonholm Ford.

I’ve been unable to trace the origins of Pattonholm name, although the old phrasing suggests the area or location was originally the home of the Pattons. Patton is an old Scottish name traditionally given to a person who resided beside a physical prominent feature such as a stream crossing, mill or hill. In this case, the area lends itself to all 3 of these, so it’s no wonder the name Patton was associated with this location! Pattons were also more notably associated with being amongst the first settlers in America. OK, back to local facts …….

The old path is still clearly visible as shown in this modern photo. The path is situated on the Calder Braes, below Bardykes Road directly opposite the old Cottage hospital. The river crossing or “ford” is an historical focalpoint. Apparently, Mary Queen of Scots drank from a well near the crossing, something that is documented in several historical documents. Today, with Bardykes road now up above, the old medieval road is an excellent walk on a dry day and it’s hard not to imagine the foot traffic this old ruined path must have seen prior to 1500s.

Picture is accredited to James Brown.

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