What did the Romans do for us?

coinIncredibly, there is some documented evidence of Roman settlement or commerce here in Blantyre. We’re just about as far North as the Romans managed to get, with a documented settlement at Strathclyde Park.

However, in 1929, a local Blantyre boy found a Roman coin on the site of the current HSBC in Hamilton Technology Park (behind the crematorium). At the time the land was just fields and he had been digging in a local garden. Some field investigation was carried out in 1953 but with nothing further found.


Pictured on the coin was the Roman Emperor Vespasian who ruled from 69 to 79AD. There are many reasons why a roman coin would have ended up in this field, one of them being dropped by locals at any time in history, but it would also be just as likely to have been dropped at the time of being used as currency almost two thousand years ago. Source: The Daily Express 29 November 1929

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