Redlees – our new green space

redlessRedlees – oor new green space

Oan the left o’ the auld ferme road,
Jist before the turn fir Newton,
A car park entrance sae underused,
Easily missed ‘an hidden.

Ye park yir motor, pit on yer jaicket,
Doon the red chipped path ye saunter,
Till ye arrive in a big open space,
Wi brick seats ye sit n ponder.

Thon sandstane quarry, noo a loch,
Tae walk yer dugs aroon,
Well kept bridges n fences alike,
Unusual fir this toon.

Weans oan bikes, fleein around,
Wi not wan care at all,
Auld birch trees, n young wans tae,
Widden fences tae stoap ye fallin.

Blantyre’s parks are gettin smaller,
The buildings on them, gettin taller
Oot come they swings, cos o costs
Orders aff some coouncil boss.

It’s oor latest park, this wans fir keeps
Wi a promised second phase,
Lets aw love oor new green spaces,
‘an keep the hert in this place.

Paul Veverka- jan 2013

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