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Scotsman Reports Disaster – Part 8

Continued from Parts 1 – 7….from the Scotsman, Tuesday 23rd October 1877…..the day after the disaster describing events in detail of the tragic day before…..here the account of rescuers finding bodies is described, which may make for upsetting reading. Mr McFarlane described the scene in the workings, so far as they could, penetrate, as something […]

Scotsman Reports Disaster – Part 4

Continued from Parts 1 – 3 ….from the Scotsman, Tuesday 23rd October 1877….. The weather during Saturday 20th and Sunday 21st was extremely boisterous and wet, and the sudden fall in the barometer was exceptional. There was during Sunday, it is understood, an unusually large flooding of water in both pits, due alike to the […]