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I’d love to hear from you. If YOU have an old photograph of Blantyre, family, schools, buildings or anything related to the town, you wish preserved in this HUGE historical archive, please contact me below.

tenpenceand NOW! Collect Rewards Points here. You’ll receive 1 Blantyre Project Reward Points for every photo you share with us! At the end of every year, we’ll convert each point into CASH and send it to the Haven Charity in Victoria Street, Blantyre!

Sharing your history here DIRECTLY benefits this Blantyre charity.

Similarly, if you have a story, tale or know of any Blantyre history that you feel should be included on either this website or future books about the town, please let email me. Your information will not be used without your permission. I can arrange delivery, scan and return of any photos.

Join thousands of people from all over the world reading and contributing daily to Blantyre’s Official History Archive and assist this lasting legacy for future generations. Alternatively, if you have attachments, you can email or forward photos to Paul Veverka also by clicking here. You can also nominate a person for our Honours Roll here



    Blantyre Project Rewards Points

    Anderson, Mrs Betty: 1
    Cochrane, Mr Jim: 12
    Crawford, Mr. George: 8
    Slater, Mr. Duncan: 6

    Total Reward Points:  27
    Cash Equivalent for Charity: £2.70