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I am researching my Grandfathers family history in Blantyre.  I know he was born in Blantyre and lived there with his father and mother.  He returned to Blantyre after the war ended with his wife and child.  My mother was born near the David Livingston Memorial in the tenant housing.

My Grandfather, James Fox (was mentioned on your website linked to Gallantry and Bravery from his service in France.  He was the son of Frank (Francis Fox and Annie Gemmel Fox).

Any information you can provide on the following family members would be appreciated:

Frank Fox, born 10 October in Ireland.  Resided at 219 Annfield Terrace, Glasgow Road in Blantyre with his wife (Ann) Annie Gemmel (born 16, September 1868, Shettleston, Lanark, Scotland.

James Fox, the above mentioned son, was born 27 January, 1891, Blantyre Scotland.  James married Lela Eadie Fox.  He lived in Blantyre after World War I in tenant housing at the Cotton Mill (David Livingston Memorial) until March 1921 when they traveled and settled in Pennsylvania, USA.  My mother, Lela Eadie Fox was born in the tenement housing at the Cotton Mill, on 19 October 1920.

I know that Frank and James Fox were both miners.  I do not have date of deaths for Frank or Ann Gemmel.  I believe that Frank arrived in Blantyre from Ireland.

Thank you,

Anne B. Crook

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