Whereabouts of 230 Glasgow Road

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Hello. My grandfather from Ireland was working in Blantyre in the early 1900s and was living at 230 Glasgow Road in 1911. I believe the house was demolished on the 1960s but I wonder if anyone might know where I could get a photograph which might include this building or whether there is any chance of identifying the spot where 230 stood. I am planning to visit Blantyre next month. Many thanks for any help at all. Bríd Graney
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- May 19, 2019 03:15 PM

Hi Brid. I cannot comment on your great grandfather as you’ve not given me his name. However, I can provide more information on 230 Glasgow Road. 230 was a former address on the north side of the road. It was a small double storey stone tenement building which opened out on to the pavement.

It was adjoining to a small print office, which following WW1, was owned by the Clifford Family of printers. From the 1920s, the tenement was also owned by the Clifford family. I have scheduled a photo of it to appear here on the website on 18th June 2019. It’s pictured on the left during the 1930s with children playing outside. I'll email you a copy of this reply too.

Living latterly in his life in Glasgow Road, he would have been familiar with the ding of bells and trundle of the tramcars passing by outside his window. The house faced directly on to Stonefield Parish School, a site which is now Blantyre library.

You’re right in saying the building was demolished. It is now just a vacant part of the Public Park, but easy to find given its location near the junction of Victoria Street. I hope your trip goes well and this is of some help.

I'll be writing in much more detail about this side of Glasgow Road in a forthcoming book all about this subject.

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