Minnis family.

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My great grandfather was Samuel Graham, married to Martha Neilson. Sam was a miner and he lived with his wife and nine children at 15 Springwell Terrace, later moving to Auchinraith Terrace when the houses there were built. Sam's father was Robert Minnis, from Ireland, and who married Mary Boyle (or Baillie ) around 1873 in Glasgow. His father's name was Moses Minnis. About the time my great grandfather was born in 1878 they changed their surname to Graham. I've been wondering if that was to avoid debt or some sort of crime or if it was done to try and hide the fact that they were irish at a time when there was a lot of anti-irish sentiment around because of cheaper irish labour taking scottish jobs in the pits. Is this something you have come across before? Are there any other recollections of the Minnis family in Blantyre? Sam's birth certificate shows his surname to be Graham but, if my research is accurate, he had at least three siblings who had the Minnis name at birth,  Moses, Robert and Mary Ann. Of the nine Graham children, Mary and Agnes died in their twenties while Samuel was killed in the blitz. Robert moved to London after the first war and Esther to Prestonpans. My granny, Martha, moved to Halfway where I spent my youngest years. Charles lived in Burnbank but spent his latter years at what is now Devlin Grove sheltered housing while Elizabeth married another local miner, Jimmy MacDowall, and they lived in Bardykes Road. If my recollection is right  Margaret lived in Larkhall. Sorry if I've rambled a bit but I always think too much info is better than too little All the best Alexander Magowan Copenhagen
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