Finding where my grandparents lived, went to school and worked and the streets they would of walked on..

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Hi my grandparents grew up side by side in the Main street Co operative buildings in High Blantyre..would love to know where it is or where it stood ( always told they were tetrace houses or tenderment houses with a divisional wall between each house with a shared outside toilet as that is were the two families often bumped into each other and many children from both sides grand parents were Andrew Campbell and Mary Fotheringham ( maiden name, Born in Scotland died in Australia 1989...i may not have correct spelling )around 1920s ...My Grand-Dad also worked at Bothwell colliery and I can't seem to find that either.. My great grandparents were William Montgomery Campbell and Mary Elizabeth ( nee McKean)We are travelling to this area next year and any help of locations would be gratefully appreciated. ( my Grand dad- Andrew Campbell ( born in Scotland .I presume Blantyre area on 15th August 1908 and died 6th September 2001 in Australia) also lived Stonfields road until 4yrs old in Blantyre, Primary school- Calder street High Blantyre and St Johns school in Hamilton....Thank you I would be grateful for locations and any photos. ..thank you Tanya
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