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“Blantyre Buzz” is a wonderful interactive website that lets people of Blantyre from ALL OVER THE WORLD share interests, connect together, share experiences and memories and generally discuss all things Blantyre. It’s the first interactive website for Blantyre of it’s kind, and there’s lot of photos, videos, games and plenty of entertainment there too! Visit Blantyre Buzz for FREE by clicking here


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  1. Hi All I am looking for information on my papa his name was andrew baillie from Bruce terrice in the village and he also drank in the village bar and he worked as a shunter for the SMT buses.He was also a grand master of the masonic lodge between 1947 + 1948 so any info thanks

  2. looking for information regarding William Morrison(bill) born in 1940

    1. Hi June, this may be best asked on Facebook as 1940 is a little modern for any ancestry im looking at. (Records and access i have tends to go up to 1911 or so). Hope you’re enjoying the website.

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