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12 December 2016
We’ve now hit an amazing milestone! 3,000 articles posted on this website!!

30 November 2016
Continuing taking Blantyre Project out and about. Tonight I had a fantastic evening presenting Blantyre History to the elderly residents of Kirk Care, High Blantyre. Read more here.

28 November 2016
Very thrilled to be presenting Blantyre Project at local David Livingstone Memorial Primary School today! Had a great time! Read more here.

07 November 16
Announcing that Blantyre Project’s transcribed version of “The Annals of Blantyre” will be released for publication in January 2017. The first of THREE amazing books coming in 2017!

24 October 16
Wanted! Fake Blantyre images lifted from this website without permission and photoshopped with a black and white dodgy sunny sky and clouds into them. If YOU see any online, send me the link and I’ll email you a genuine, high resolution, un-watermarked original image of it.

22 September 16
I was presenting at the Womens Guild at High Blantyre Parish Church this evening. Great turnout and fantastic to show so many new photos to a captive audience. Thanks Ladies. I hope to be back.

03 September 16
Blantyre Project is featuring at Lanarkshire Family History Society show in Motherwell this Saturday from 9.45am.

26 Aug 16
My draft for National Trust’s exhibition is now sent off and has been approved by NTS. Looking forward to opening an exhibition in Blantyre very soon. This is just the start in a more interactive way for all people of Blantyre to be able to enjoy Blantyres History Archives.

30 June 16
A message about work life balance. Read more here.

08 Jun 16
Was dinner speaker at Crossbasket offering up history of the Castle when asked. Had a wonderful 7 course meal and great company too. Brilliant evening.

07 Jun 16
A walk through Greenhall & Milheugh with Friends of the Calder. Enjoyed offering up some history. Nice company too.

2 Jun 16
A series of planned History presentations is scheduled for Autumn. Starting on 22nd September at High Blantyre, dates and venues will be announced shortly. Presentations will be free and will co-incide with the launch of a further small booklet by Blantyre Project Publications. More soon.

1 Jun 16
I am pleased to announce that Blantyre Project will soon become “Blantyre’s Official History Archive.” During the last couple of years and especially in 2015, photos, books, newspapers and artefacts have been bought, restored and collected with permissions from many sources and at some personal expense for the specific purpose of returning a high resolution collection for everybody to see. I’m now working with the National Trust to formalise and handover the entire collection for preserving at a “local venue” to be announced, for future generations. Very exciting!! As this research and collection has now passed beyond being a hobby and moving to an official archive, other websites using this material without Blantyre Project’s permission will be strictly pursued for the material to be removed first via webshosting services being served, then if required, personally by lawyers intervention. One such website (the so called Blantyresain) is already in the course of having to remove all the photos and words they have copied from Blantyre Project. The theft is so extensive, I have been advised to compile an entire document, rather than serve a legal letter, something that is taking some time to do. This planned legal intervention is very rare though and only is being compiled as the owner is not just stealing content, but actually has the audacity to try to pass it off as his. All the content being compiled in that document will be removed from his site before the official archive opens offline.

15 May 16
Aiming for the 9th July (Blantyre Gala Day) for the opening of the Blantyre Project 1st Exhibition at Blantyre’s David Livingstone Centre, but thats still to be confirmed.

08 May 16
SO excited to be working alongside National Trust for Scotland and the staff at David Livingstone Centre. The first draft of articles for appearing at the forthcoming Blantyre Project exhibition at David Livingstone Centre is now uploaded for NTS to start their graphical magic in creating the panels. I’ve also been discussing longer term plans for archiving all of Blantyre Project in an official local Blantyre Museum archive. I’m so excited for this. More details soon.

30 Apr 16
It’s of no surprise for me to see today, that “Blantyresain” website is still taking content off this Blantyre Project website without permission (both graphical and now my narrative too!). Shamefully, he’s is named here as Mr Bill Sim, something i have no problem in naming him for he is also putting up images of my family and of those that belong to others with absolutely no credit back to them. I have spoken to some of his family members who appear disgusted at his actions, yet even they are unable to convince him to do the right thing and remove them. With exclusivity coming up in exhibitions , presentations and further books and a willingness to protect my images, content and try to protect the ownership of the images that people have only shared here, that website has forced me to watermark images and retain the original high resolution image for future publication in Blantyre Project books and exhibitions, rather than displaying them here. It is the umpteenth time I’ve had to change arrangements here, (e.g posting, scheduling, etc) due to his continual and admitted theft of content. I’ve issued severely worded and legal takedown notices to his webhost and been assured by them that they will treat it seriously , suspending his website if needed. At least thats something. I’m also still assessing the impact of his actions, reserving right to pursue theft of my intellectual property. I’m not having my research appearing on somebody else’s website before it appears in my books! The individual in question has no moral fibre, perhaps thinks its all a game, rather than the destruction of a man’s effort, legacy and livelihood and is still trying to pass off my research as his own, unwilling to link to the source of the image and narrative.  His low actions disgraces himself in a way that disrespects Blantyre itself. Thankfully the real Blantyresain folk are nothing like him, but there’s always a ‘bad egg’ wherever you go.

24 Apr 16
I’m pleased to announce Blantyre Project in conjunction with the National Trust for Scotland, will be hosting a local history exhibition for Blantyre this coming Summer at David Livingstone Centre. This is something I’ve been working on and people will be treated to an exclusive look at some new images along with the detailed history of the people of Shuttle Row. (with exception of David Livingstone himself, whose story is already well documented). More information soon.

On other news, I have committed to a series of free history presentations around Blantyre and Hamilton in the Autumn 2016 for various clubs and organisations who have approached me in recent months. Some of these I have combined to make things a little easier. A schedule of dates and venues will be released soon.

23 Apr 16
Apologies if you’re reading the words ‘exclusive’ or ‘new’ under photos here and then seeing them on another site called ‘Blantyre’s Ain’. The owner of that site, a Blantyre man Bill Sim is shamefully continuing to take images from this site and put them on his without permission from either myself or the shared owners, incredibly even displaying the images my family took without any sort of credit. He goes to great lengths to avoid mentioning me, or Blantyre Project. He has been asked time and time again to credit the source and refuses to, so I have no problem in naming him now. With narrative destined for forthcoming books also taken, it is downright copyright theft with many of the images enhanced and amended in preparation for an exclusive offline exhibition. He has now been approached in a formal manner to remove them. If anybody else wants to use images or narrative, thats fine by me, as long as the image or words links directly back to the article here, crediting “Blantyre Project by Paul Veverka” for the work.

20 Mar 16
Something I’ve been meaning to do for a LONG time. Write a book about Blantyre for children. Well, today sees the launch of “Colouring in: Blantyre”, one of a planned series of colouring books for primary school age children. Its now available in our shop, and sold from today on a global basis on AMAZON. Now on sale.

18 Mar 16
Today, I’m exceptionally proud to be honoured, along with Gordon Cook and Jim Brown, by the Provost, and receive South Lanarkshire Council’s Community Service Award. Thanks to Councillors John McNamee for the nomination. For once I’m speechless, but extremely pleased and proud.

15 Mar 16
was delighted this evening to host a history presentation at High Blantyre Baptist Church Hall. Hope all the Ladies Club enjoyed the show.

14 Feb 16
Blantyre Project articles are being well received each month in the Blantyre Telegraph newspaper.