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31 Dec 2014
Blantyre Project’s Happy New Year message

21 Dec 2014
Blantyre Project’s new book has now been delivered for free to all of Blantyre’s Care homes and sheltered housing complexes, distributing history to the town’s elderly population just in time for Christmas! This was done at my cost, as my present back to the community.

18 Dec 2014
Blantyre Project books are now back in stock at the Blantyre Miners Welfare Community Resource Centre, priced with a £3 discount, at £12. Just in time for Christmas! Blantyre Project December newsletter also goes on sale today priced at just 50p, with all proceeds going to the Haven. Thats £727 raised this year for charity! Read more about that here

13 Dec 2014
A full list of people who have noted and credited comments in Blantyre Project – A Volume in Time 2

12 Dec 2014
In early November, I got new software to mass embed source ID data into image files. It’s been a bit of a task assigning Blantyre Project images, but it means I can now finally track the use of all images on this site. By right clicking on online photos on other sites and no matter what its been renamed as, cropped or edited, I can see if the file source website was Blantyre Project. As always, I’m happy giving anybody images from this site to use online as long as they mention Blantyre Project beside the image. I’ve done this as I wish to ensure Blantyre Project continues to have the highest resolution, unique and best images of Blantyre in my books and websites.  Others watermark old pictures, which I’m not a fan of doing. Incredibly I’ve seen somebody just take them, without asking simply as the images here are better.  So, yesterday evening, I finally finished embedding metadata on all published images on this site to date so that their use (authorised or not) can be tracked online, something done automatically going forward using my new fancy photo software. Thank you to Peter at EZrawfile for setting this up and helping me set up the reporting backoffice end. You have the patience of a saint, sir.

10 Dec 2014
Blantyre project books now BOTH on sale from today at Blantyre Miners Welfare Community Resource Centre, a place i’m very fond of! Thanks to the staff. Read more.

07 Dec 2014
Blantyre Telegraph import now complete. From today, Blantyre Project will feature all the current and local modern news in Blantyre as well as continuing to investigate and feature the past! Read more here and see the excellent new Blantyre Telegraph logo.

05 Dec 2014
Bit of an announcement coming on 25th December!

30 Nov 2014
Thank you to all the people who bought books from my stall at the market today. There were over 2,000 people attended the Festive event, which was the largest Christmas market Blantyre has seen. The best family day out in Blantyre without a shadow of a doubt.

26 Nov 2014
Book launch evening at the Stonefield Bowling Club. Funds raised for the Haven and over 90 people attended to capacity venue! Most exciting, fun night of the year for me!

20 Nov 2014
Blantyre Project November Newsletter is now on sale around the town.

7 Nov 2014
Books have now arrived, which means everything is now ready for the Book Launch! Read more. Also, my web host has finally been able to help me with problems scheduling posts. From 25th November, all posts on this website will be posted at EXACTLY the same time as they appear on Facebook. At last! You cant believe how long I’ve waited for this upgrade. More here

6 Nov 2014
Books have now left the printers and being shipped to the UK ahead of launch. They’ll also be available worldwide from the 26th Nov. Flyers and Banners have been bought ready for the launch. More here

4 Nov 2014
Made it to today’s Daily Record Newspaper! Story here

26 Oct 2014
Apologies if I’ve taken a few days to answer your emails. The last few weeks have been really busy with many photos, stories and articles coming in. I want to properly post about them with some meaningful, accurate detail and working my way through them all in order. I’ve put aside Ancestry requests for help for now until I can catch back up. It’s amazing to see so many people engaged in Blantyre’s history!

Next round of presentations being confirmed in the diary. Schedule out shortly. AND…on the night of the book launch, I will be announcing my BIG NEWS about Blantyre Project. Exciting times!

24 Oct 2014
Today saw my facebook page and this website 2 years old! Loads of content is being uploaded daily and I’m slowly working my way through all my own information too. (I have a crate box with all the Blantyre things I’ve collected since 1985! Having a history hobby for 3 decades on and off, it’s only in the last 4 or 5 years I fancied investigating photos and stories more and having things online. Accurately. Maybe I’ll have a wee 30 year celebration sherry, one evening next Summer!)

15 Oct 2014
I’m pleased to announce that “Blantyre Project – A Journey in Time Volume 2” will be launched on Wed 26th November 2014 at a small book launch event at Blantyre Bowling Club. Entry is free and teas and coffees will be provided. A 1.5 hour history presentation will be made, and of course the book will be available to buy for the first time EVER! You can read more about the event and how to book here

17 Sep 2014
Blantyre Project website now surpasses an incredible 100,000 hits! The site has seen massive traffic flowing from the Blantyre Project facebook page which now has over 7,800 likes. The restructuring of the photo galleries into strict chronological order is well progressed. The 2nd books is almost now edited and means time and energy can be soon put into this site and a couple of new things planned shortly. Other exciting news today is that National Trust are now stocking my books in the David Livingstone Centre! Read more here

05 Sep 2014
An update on Blantyre Project – A Journey in Time Volume 2 book and progress towards it’s launch

28 Aug 2014
You may have noticed some changes to the website this last few weeks. I’ve just completed some extensive work in listing all the articles and photos in strict chronological order. This adds another layer to navigation but was primarily essential in taking the Blantyre Project to the next step. Coming soon! Having ALL articles and ALL photos sorted into area and timelines makes things much easier to find and put into context for our visitors.

19 Aug 2014
The Blantyre Project Monthly newsletter 3 goes on sale today around local businesses. I’ll be posting how much the 2nd newsletter raised for charity, very shortly. What other news? Our facebook page continues to be the most visited Blantyre page of 2014, with a record number in excess of 5,700 likes. The latest advert searched for expats, so i’m pleased to see many hundreds of new people visiting the site, now from outwith the UK. That’s been apparent in the number of emails and pictures i’m being sent. However, today’s big news for me, was my draft cover arrived for the new book! In readiness, although the cover is ready, the book is far from being complete. A focused, driven effort is being put in every evening, to ensure it can be launched in time for Christmas, raising funds directly for The Haven. Read more and see it here.

04 Aug 2014
I’ve had some wonderful news today whilst on holiday. Blantyre Project is about to become more permanently accessible to everybody OFFLINE in Blantyre. Announcement to be made later this month once things are concluded. Stay tuned. Also, look out for TWO half page articles about Blantyre project in this week’s Hamilton Advertiser. One written by the Hamilton Rotary Club, the other featuring MSP James Kelly!

03 Aug 2014
Sadly, I’ve had to change the scheduling of my posts and pictures here. In a desperate effort to catch up with the number of images on this site, ainother Blantyre history page was simply copying the pictures over to his site, as soon as i uploaded them. Unfortunately, it’s been happening too many times despite written requests for him to stop. I’ve still got thousands of pictures to upload, so at least the new scheduling means the pictures collected these last few decades will appear BOTH here and on the Blantyre Project facebook page first. Sorry for the inconvenience and interruption of daily posts.
Update 17th Sept 2014 – Scheduling changed again. He’s still at it! Thanks to three people (J,M,E) pointing this out to me this last month. 26/10/14 – I have now engaged & paid a third party to mark this behaviour with a view of seeing the extent of it for myself to decide what course of action should be made. Not got time myself for this carry on.

27 July 2014
Monumental effort underway to edit the 2nd Blantyre Project book. Taking every spare moment of my time for these last couple of months and will do for several more! The book is written, but just as long is required to format, edit, double check and get full written permissions for everything. A cover painting has been commissioned and a publication deadline in the Autumn looms, if the book is to be ready for Christmas 2014. Despite this, new articles will continue to appear on Blantyre Project with many scheduled posts already prepared on Social media. Thousands more photos to be uploaded here too in the coming months. The facebook page is now being enjoyed by close to 4,500 people, many of whom are actively engaged in daily discussion. Blantyre’s history is being shared all over the world on a daily basis.

03 July 2014
I will be presenting Blantyre Project at Hamilton Golf Club on the evening of 3rd July 2014

24 June 2014
The Haven have informed us that £89 was collected for our first monthly newsletter for June 14. Combined with a first payment on book sales of £70, that’s a total to date of £159.00 raised for the Victoria Street based charity. Looking forward to raising a lot more over many years.

19 June 2014
At the suggestion of various interested parties, the Blantyre Project stories and articles are now being archived into Chronological order, starting with the earliest. This update to the website is expected to take a few weeks to sort out but should be completed in July, making things much easier to find.

03 June 2014
An advertising campaign no less! A small campaign online targeting Blantyre and extensive campaign offline with delivered flyers through letterboxes has resulted in steep rise in visitors to this website and the Facebook page. Finally, I have to admit it. I’m swamped in requests to look into things but looking at them in order they came in, but not wanting to rush them. If you’re awaiting a response from me, please be patient. Thanks.

16 May 2014
It’s been a monumental week for Blantyre Project with some brilliant Milestones completed. Today was no exception. A New reference book was launched, a one off , limited edition book only printed the once, which collects everything Blantyre Project has written to date and is donated as a 438 page gift to Blantyre Reference Library. Read more here. Stay tuned, the most exciting things in development are still to be delivered!

15 May 2014
Been a long road, but “Blantyre Project – A Journey in Time Vol 1”, from today is also now available on Amazon Kindle! Same day as we hit 2,000 likes on Facebook! That’s 700 people joined in the last 8 weeks alone. Amazing.

13 May 2014
Very proud to announce, The Blantyre Project Monthly Newsletter goes on sale at retail and business outlets all around Blantyre! Priced just 50p, all proceeds entirely go to The Haven Charity. See here for more details.

26 April 2014
Successful presentation to a packed out full audience! Glad everybody enjoyed it who came along to the library today. Thanks also to the Blantyre Library who are now putting Blantyre Project articles up around the walls. Appreciated! That’s me for presentations until the Summer schedule starting mid June. Surge again this week of people joining the Blantyre Project facebook page, now up to 1,723 people with 1 in every 3 talking about the page!! Amazing.

11 April 2014
My story made this week’s Hamilton Advertiser, Blantyre page. Read more here. And again on 24th May 2014.

02 April 2014
Announcing a further presentation in Blantyre Library on Saturday 26th April 2014. Due to the popularity of the previous two sessions, this one is being announced in advance with the possibility of adding further sessions upon demand. Audience is by tickets only which cost £1 (to cover teas and coffees). Remaining Spring and Summer dates will be confirmed shortly. See you there! Read here for further details.

28 March 2014
Proud to announce our association with Royal Bank of Scotland. Blantyre Project articles and photos will now feature on the wall of Blantyre Royal Bank of Scotland after we were asked by the Royal Bank of Scotland managers, as a leading source of Blantyre information to provide some historical community articles. I’m thrilled about this. Read more here

21 March 2014
There’s no stopping us. With over 500 people talking and sharing the Blantyre Project on Facebook, (almost a third of our 1600 readers) and with over 100 unique hits to this website every single day, i think we’ve actually unwittingly become the most popular Blantyre website! An incredible achievement for just 6 months. Imagine the archive going to be on here and in future books over the next few decades! 200 people joining on Facebook every week! Well done everybody. I have loads of exciting things coming up shortly.

14th March 2014
Incredibly now over 1400 Facebook followers! Several hundred people joined in the last 2 weeks alone! Also, we’re pleased to announce today our association with Blantyre Miners Welfare Community Resource Centre where the Blantyre Project book is now available to buy directly from the centre. Read more here

10 March 2014
Exceptional month! Blantyre Project surpasses 1,300 followers on Facebook

08 March 2014
Local History Presentation at Blantyre Library 1pm, tickets sold out in advance. Additional Session added at 3pm, also sold out. Blantyre library also buy 4 additional copies of Blantyre Project Book with interest for reference copies from surrounding libraries.

24th February 2014
Local History Presentation at Blantyre Bowling Club, private to Winter club. 7.30pm

16th February 2014
New Galleries Feature added to the website, making it easier to find photos.
Blantyre Project surpasses 900 followers on Facebook