Blantyre Project News 2011 – 2013


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1st December 2013
Proposed date of Blantyre Project Book launch at Blantyre Festive Market stall

16th November 2013
Blantyre Project adds the “Blantyre Buzz website & Forum” for a truly interactive experience.

9th November 2013
Blantyre Project gets a new enhanced, interactive website and better branding.

1st November 2013
Blantyre Project book now in USA, South Africa, Australia, Belgium, Spain, UK, Ireland and NZ!

24th October 2013
“The Blantyre Project – A Journey in Time Volume 1” book is now available to buy in pre-launch.

30th September 2013
The Blantyre Project book goes to the printers for final proofing

25th August 2013
Blantyre Project surpasses 500 followers on Facebook

3rd August 2013
Watercolour front cover of book commissioned privately

30th April 2012 – Blantyre Project is one year old!

1st January 2012
We embark on writing a book, keeping back some articles from the website
Blantyre Project surpasses 100 followers on Facebook

24th October 2012
With so much inaccurate information online about Blantyre published by others, the Blantyre Project initial website is created together with a Facebook page. Setting out to publish factual information that has seen some degree of research using initially using articles written over the last year by Blantyre Project and scheduled in advance for dedicated, daily content.

30th April 2011 – Blantyre Project concept created
Blantyre Project is created with daily articles written about Blantyre, all with the intention of launching a website in future. Managed, researched and run by Paul Veverka.