Village Photos 1930s

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1930 – Craighead Viaduct & David Livingstone Centre. Robertsons ginger cart. The Paddling Pool, The Shrine and David Livingstone Centre. Blantyre Wages Office.

– Suspension Bridge and Works School. David Livingstone Centre. River Clyde Weir. Railway Bridge Replacement throughout Blantyre. Burning down of Village Bar.

1932 – Station Road, Low Blantyre. Suspension Bridge

1933 – David Livingstone Centre children playing

1934 – The Lido was set out as a beautiful tended park. David Livingstone Centre.

1935 – Picture is the Dookit (Blantyre Picture Theatre). Also pictured, David Livingstone’s birth room and the construction of the World Fountain (sept). Bus Crash at Glasgow Road.

1936 – Lily Pond and Pool opens at David Livingstone Centre. Bothwell Bridge from the Lido.

1937 – The Lido pictured from Bothwell. Church Street photo. Glasgow Road. Station Road.Craighead Retreat

1938 – The Lido.

1939 – David Livingstone Centre

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