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– Priestfield

– William Scott Stationers, Gardiner Place

1903 – Main Street, High Blantyre. Old Parish church and sawmills.

1904 – Hunthill Road. High Blantyre Cemetery. Parish Chambers. Main Street.

1905 – Dirty streets, but lots of character. Unseen Photos taken by my 2nd great grand uncle David Ritchie, shared by Alex Bowie. Broompark road at Blakelys.

1906 – To be uploaded soon
– High Blantyre Old Parish Church. High Blantyre Primary

1908 – Dr Jopes House at Broompark

1909 – High Blantyre Curling Club medals.

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  1. Thanks for posting all these photos. As a young woman, my great grandmother (who was born in Blantyre) came to Australia, all by herself, in the 1920s. She tragically died in a fire less than five years after her arrival, when my grandmother was only 2 and my grandmother never knew anything about her. In the last few days I’ve learnt so much Blantyre mining history from this site and now these photos are helping me picture her life there in the early 1900s. Much appreciated.

    1. Hi Tanya – how interesting. If you know her full, unmarried name, I would be happy to investigate her life in Blantyre. I do this for free for anybody with Blantyre connections, in return for being able to put up the story on the page afterwards. If you’re interested in this, you can request it here https://blantyreproject.com/requests/ thanks. Paul

  2. Hello Paul – Many thanks for that, great that it is the same house, they must have done quite a lot of work to the structure at some time to change the turret shape. Yes, it was Croftpark before being renamed.
    When I visited Blantyre some years ago I only walked Broompark Road as the info I had called it a road but now it seems that I should have walked the Avenue. Interesting that the house where the boy lived is still there, I suppose large houses became redundant and more could be built on the land.

  3. Paul. Thanks for your comment, shame no more pics, a couple of qs. After posting my first comment I found a pic dated 1931 and named Broompark House, I wondered at first if it might be the same as the 1908 hse but not, I think, as the turret is a different shape unless, of course, it was rebuilt at some time. Secondly, you comment that the 1908 pic was achieved by zooming into the back ground of another pic. Do you have the pic this came from as it should possibly show more of the scene for Broompark Rd?

    1. Hi Iain – the full picture does indeed show more of the house at the back. It can be seen here https://blantyreproject.wordpress.com/2014/12/13/1908-robert-ritchie-at-broompark/ (Broompark House and Croftpark House are the same, i think Croftpark being the earlier name)

  4. Iain – this is the same house. Croftpark House. There are no more pictures i know of, this one only obtained by zooming in the background of another photo. If you search for William Grant, you’ll find photo and a little bit about his life, here on this website. Thanks.

  5. Interested in the photograph entitled “1908 Dr Jopes house at Broompark.” The road name is the same for my great grandfather, Dr William Grant, who lived at Croftpark House, Broompark Rd. Is it likely that there were several doctors living in Broompark Rd or is it one and the same house? If it is the same house would the owner of this photograph have more pics of the house and possibly views of the road at that time. I have visited Broompark Rd and it is now all very modern but with just one oldish building, some sort of workshop.

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