Greenhall, Milheugh & Calder Photos 1990s

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1990 – Malcolmwood Farm

1991 – To be uploaded soon
– Milheugh

– Niaroo showing the traveller’s camp

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  1. I was out walking this afternoon and got to thinking about the time in the early 90s when I decided to take the road signed for Blantyre at the Cambuslang end of the EK expressway. We ended up coming through Loanend and over milheugh bridge to come out at the hoolets nest. It was a standing joke that I always managed to get lost. Anyway I remember there was a travellers site on the road, but don’t know exactly where. I know it’s not there now as this has become a favourite walk in recent years, but where was it and when was it there?

    1. Hi Christine – It was called “The Niaroo” and was about midway up the Pech Brae, just beyond the Milheugh Bridge on the left heading up the hill. Stay tuned to this website. Articles about Niaroo coming. You can also search for “Niaroo” on the left hand side of this website and it will take you to some brief articles and photos of the travellers site. Cheers. Paul

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