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  1. Hi, my name is Billy Stewart. I lived in Berkeley Drive, Blantyre for the first 19 years of my life. I moved to Australia in 1975. I went to David Livingstone Primary school and played football for the school team, then went to Hamilton Academy. My father was Geordie Stewart (worked in the pits) and my mother was Tilly (both deceased). I have three sisters, Sadie, Tilda and Jean and three brothers, George, Victor and Robert. Hi to anyone who remembers me!
    Anyway, I have been writing songs and performing for many years in Australia. My latest Album “It’s About Time” (released at the end of last year under the name of “Aussie Scots”) has a track on it all about being brought up in Blantyre. It’s called “Potted Heid Rap”. All my Album songs are available Free to download on my website and the latest seven singles released this year are available on Spotify, iTunes etc.. under the name “Aussie Scots”. I hope you and your followers enjoy the songs. We are heading into Winter here in Oz now so I hope you all have a terrific summer and can eventually get out and enjoy yourselves after this crazy setback!
    All the very best!

  2. Allison Sullivan

    Great job on the website! My grandfather, Alexander Grant Richmond was born and raised in Blantyre before he emigrated to British Columbia Canada in middle age. This site is a nice way to learn more about his birthplace and his family’s life in the coal mines there.

  3. Which books would give me information on Joanna terrace ,Stanley Place,Forrest street and stone fields between 1881 and 1911
    My great grandfather David Scott lived at Joanna Tce between 1900 and 1908
    And I think his Grandparents John and Grace Keay Scott who lived in Baird’s Row and Stanley Place
    John was a blacksmith
    Annie Scott either his mother or Aunt appears to have had a shop in Forrest St
    Annie had an illegitimate son to Zechariah Nimmo who I found a reference to on your sites
    I have all the valuation roll entries and census for 1881-1911 but can’t get my head around all the addresses

    1. Hi – I haven’t really written about the North side of Glasgow Road yet, (and these places are all located just off the north side). Stanley Place, Forrest Street and Joanne Terrace will be written about in detail a little later this year as part of that task. Cheers. Paul

    2. . Ann was my G grandmother and her son Alfred Nimmo my grandfather. Met David Scott who was grandpa’s cousin who visited them with his wife on their visit to Bellshill and Ireland. There was another son who emigrated to Australia and in the 70s visited them and family on the way to NZ.

      1. Jean I have only just found this reply
        Please contact me

  4. Rosemary Montgomerie

    I wonder if there’s a map of the graveyard in Blantyre. My Cables ancestors were buried in “common ground” in 1879 and 1882. Do you know if there’s anything to be seen of the common graves?

    1. Hi Rosemary. There are no gravestones or markers in the common ground, although some of the lair positions are known. I hope one day in future to raise enough to create a memorial on this common ground for everybody buried there.

      1. Rosemary Montgomerie

        It would be great if something could be put on the site in memory of these poor souls.
        I think I know the lair numbers of my great aunts. Would it be possible to work out a rough location from the numbers you already have?

  5. Hi, came across your informative site when I started to research my family tree. With its help, I learned that my ancestors have been resident of Shuttle Row from approx 1837-39 to 1900. They were the McNabs who lived at numbers 4,5 and 6. Thanks.

    1. Thank you Andy. There are now stories and information from SO many Blantyre families on here, that its great to hear the site being used like a resource for more information. Brilliant. I hope to tell many more stories here in future. I have a day off today, the sun is shining and I plan on writing up several other family history requests.

  6. thank you for such a comprehensive site of information and history of Blantyre.
    My grand father David Brown was born in 1914 in Blantyre to Mathew Brown (b.1863) and his second wife Christina Cameron Baird (b1889). On marrying Christina at The Manse, Blantyre, Mathew had 6 children. He went on to have another 4 with Christina. Sadly on daughter -Margaret Stewart Lindsey Brown died soon after birth.

    Mathews father was Anthony Brown and mother Elizabeth McCAuley. In late 1880’s they lived in 2 Craig Row, Auchentibber and in 1917 8 Craig Row, Auchentibber.

    Does anyone know where this is? Anthony and Elizabeth also had 10 children. So there were an awful lot of this family living around the Craig Row,

    sharon brown

  7. Hi I am trying to find out information on my papa who stayed at Bruce terrace in the village his name was Andrew Baillie he got called andra so any information would be great

  8. Hi Just looking for information on my papa Andrew Baillie from Bruce terrice in the village and he also drank in the village bar and he worked as a shunter for the SMT buses.He was also grand master of the Livingston Masonic lodge between 1947 + 1948 so can you help

  9. I am really enjoying your website. I live in New Zealand so to have ‘found’ the property my ancestor lived on is amazing.
    My g/grandfather Robert Smith, born Ireland, moved to Scotland, was a Master Shoemaker living in Pilot Acre, Stonefield Road, in the 1901 Lanarks. census.

    1. Janet – History of Pilot Acre is coming soon. My brother, today lives in Pilot Acre on the site of that former house. His current home is still named after it.

      1. Paul, I’ll look forward to reading it. Thanks.

  10. I am totally enjoying this site! My great grandfather, Patrick O’Donnell, was born in the Parish of Blantyre (Auchentibber) in the County of Lanark, June 23, 1873 to Richard and Alice (Muirhead). I was so happy to find information on Auchentibber! I look forward to going through the site and as well checking in for new content.

  11. My grandmother Mary Bradley was married to Robert Duncan in 1915. Robert Duncan passed away in 1918 in WWI. Any one connected to this family ? We are in the U.S.

  12. My Grand parents and other elders of the the family, were the Frasers/Martins of Welsh drive then Kirkton Ave and the Mitchells of Malvaig Lane/ Victoria street. Great grandfather was Tony Martin and Grandfather was David Mitchell Snr.

  13. Catherine Campbell (Australia)

    Hi Paul
    I was very interested in the article you did in regards to the common ground at the Blantyre cemetery.Having recently found my grandfather was born in Cross row Village and through census information I found that he had a brother who died in 1901 as a baby. After reading your article on the common ground I followed the link to Robert Stewarts page and was able to find my grandfathers brother buried in the common ground.I never knew it existed thank you for the information you post on the site it has helped put another piece of my family history in place. I am now following up another family member in the Blantyre grave yard and have contacted Robert for more information

  14. Katie Hailey Peterson

    What a wonderful website. My grandfather, James J. Hailey, was born in Newton in 1892, but at some point the family moved to Blantyre. They are listed in the 1901 census as “Healy,” and it indicates they lived in Waterloo Row. I always assumed they were coal miners in Scotland because when they moved to the United States in 1904 they worked in the mines in Pennsylvania for a short time. James’ parents were Michael Hailey (b. 1861 in Kilbirnie) and Catherine Bridget McCafferty (b. 1863 in Durham, England). Michael’s father, Joseph Hailey, was born in Roscommon, Ireland. I believe my grandfather was one of six children, and at least one of them was born in Blantyre. My grandfather passed away in 1974, and I’ll always regret not having the foresight to ask him about his time in Scotland. I hope to visit one day. Any idea what life was like in Waterloo Row in the late 1890s? Thank you!

    1. Hi Katie – A search on the left hand side of this site will take you to several Waterloo Row articles. I have to say, even in the 1890’s those people staying at Waterloo enjoyed those larger homes, by comparison to other small, cramped miner’s rows. It would have been a great sense of community living in the quadrangle, with the school/chapel a focus at one end of it. I’m sure many neighbours would have been friends. Sanitary conditions were good, again by comparison to other homes in Blantyre. Waterloo Row burned down on Burns Night 1928.

  15. My great-grandparents William and Margaret Young left Scotland for the U.S. in 1881 with a one-year old son and a second on the way. (Eventually, they had 10 children.) I know little about their lives since they died decades before I was born, but I do know that they left from Blantyre, and visiting there a few years back was a pleasure, as is seeing the Blantyre updates on my Facebook feed.

  16. lorraine Cowan Morgan

    I am trying to research my Cowan /Wilson family tree. My great grandparents are William and Sarah Wilson Cowan . her parents were Alexander and Jean Wilson … My great grand parents had 11 children Janet Alexander Archie Margaret Martha Tom Sarah William James(my grandfather) Jean Jack. All migrated to Australia in the early 1900s. I am sure all the children were born in Blantyre or close by. Apparently my G Grandfather William was a musician (not sure if this was his main vocation). Hopefully someone might be able to help me find out more or any family still living in the area .. Much appreciated

  17. Hello Catherine yes I am your cousin my mother was your aunt Ellen

  18. Catherine Hitchings

    Catherine Hitchings ( nee Sweeney) I would like to get in touch with Mary Falco who submitted the picture of Granny Sweeney as I believe the boy in the photo is my Dad, Robert Sweeney. I would like to know if we are related to Mary?

    1. Hi Catherine – Thanks for your contact. I’ll email you over Mary’s email address now.

  19. I discovered thru an 1891 census that my great grandparents lived at 89 Merrys Rows. Robert Hastie was my great uncle and your article about him gave me a piece of my family history. Thank you !

  20. Very interesting website. We lived in what was known as the Old Schoolhouse 124 Craig Street, Blantyre during the late 70’s. The solid sandstone walls were about 2 feet thick! I was told that the Daily Record gardening correspondent once owned the house.
    If anyone knows the history of the house I would be very interested.
    We now live in France so it is difficult to visit.

    1. Hi Peter. Thanks for the nice comments. I’ll add this to my “to do” list. I’m positive the schoolhouse dates to 1900 exactly, and likely first lived in when the nearby school opened in August of that year. It must have been very noisy back at that time with the busy railway line next to it, loading up the transport wagons at the bakery across the line. I have some old photos of time before you lived there, round about 1950s or so. Will post in the coming weeks.

  21. I was born and lived in Caldervale (fin me oot) till I was 7-8 yrs of age, my brother Jim was 9-10 when we flited to Blantyre coz fin me oot was being razed to the ground. Wehave fond memories of theold place many we would love to share if anyone is interested.

    1. William. I’d LOVE to hear your memories of Fin Me Oot. Anything you can remember would be greatly appreciated. What was it like being a kid there? Where did you go to school? Do you remember the final days or the flit itself? Feel free to email me thanks.

    2. My sister was born in fin me oot Harriet Bradley can anyone remember

  22. Mary Gerrard Cornfield

    Good Morning My name is MG Cornfield (nee Mclaughlin) my father is Brian McLaughlin they owned the undertakers/lorry business and a mechanics business in Glasgow road Blantyre (Felix Mclaughlin ) he also purchased Harper’s garage does anyone have any pictures in relation to my family i would really appreciate it the undertaker’s is now Potts on Glasgow Road.

    1. Out of interest are you married to a Cornfield from Blantyre? My mum was Mary Park Cornfield?

  23. Does anything remain of Priestfield Mains, Blantyre? My Grandfather George McRae was born there in 1888. Was it a farm?

    1. Hi Ian. Priestfield Farm is no longer here, now the site of a modern housing estate. The demise of the farm was around 1971. Look out for more photos and stories about Priestfield. It is an area very close to my own home, and one which i need to explore more here soon.

  24. My great grand parents were married by Father Frawley Michael Mullin and Catherine Vallelly. This is the first time I finally found something of their Irish Scots ancestry. Ng grandmother was born at Airdrie in 1880.

  25. My great grand parents were married by Father Frawley Michael Mulkin and Catherine Vallelly. This is the first time I finally found something of their Irish Scots ancestry.

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