Station Road Improvements

In early 1902, there was not a street or road in Blantyre which was causing so much comment and complaint to authorities, as Station Road.

At times, especially in wet weather, conditions were deplorable and with homes planned, the road was significantly too narrow. The complaints had arisen particularly in 1901 when a large drain was constructed down the length of the road, but by February 1902, news was circulating of planned improvements. News most welcome to everybody given how muddy the street had become.

Mr John Jackson, the County Council representative for Stonefield had raised the subject to the County Council some time previous. The County Council had recently taken over the road from the Caledonian Railway Company who had purchased it as a rough track, back in the 1840’s.

As part of the deal, the County Council received £250 from the Railway company for improving the road at the time it was passed over in ownership to the Council. It released the railway company from any liability in maintaining or improving the road further.

A commencement was made the first week in February 1902 where Station Road was widened by 6 feet, changing it from a track into a proper road where vehicles (carts) could pass. It was also rebottomed from end to end. David Hastie & Sons were the contractors who successfully completed the work.

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