School Wall Repointed, 1903

At a Blantyre School Board meeting in June 1903, Mr Menzies raised the subject of the very poor condition of the stone wall around Auchinraith School.

In particular, the pointing had fallen out, leaving the wall starting to become dangerous. To his mind, it was greatly disappointing that the wall had given away to deterioration after only 2 years since it had been built. (Remember at this time Auchinraith School was only a couple of years old).

He proposed it should be completely repointed at once and had obtained a quote for £40. A long discussion ensued as to whether the wall problem was due to the Architect, the contractor or a matter of workmanship was to blame for the unsatisfactory condition of the wall. It was agreed to leave the wall in the hands of the School Committee for something to be done.

A photo in my collection of 3 miners standing outside the school, was in enough detail for me to zoom in. This 1905 photo clearly does show the wall, in good condition having been fully repointed. So, I’m presuming the school authorities upheld the motion that something had to be done.

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