1967 Watson Place

Going back 55 years in this article to 1967. This is 6 Watson Place, just off Watson Street, near Hunthill Road.

Shared by Jim Cochrane, this is the home of his aunt and uncle. The houses have a very unique build, commonly known at the time as “the steel houses”. They are however, more than prefabs….built solidly as family homes. There are several of these homes on Watson Street, Watson Place and around the corner on to Hunthill Road.

In the picture of the back garden, prominently is an Anderson Shelter, which in post wartime years were still common to many gardens in Blantyre. However, by then they had been converted into potting sheds, bike sheds, or huts. We had one of these Anderson Shelters in Stonefield Crescent, used as a hut, right up until the early 1990’s.

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