Auchinraith School Business, 1905

1905 or up to 1910 Auchinraith School

In June 1905 at the new Parish Chambers in High Blantyre, the monthly meeting of Blantyre School Board took place and on the agenda were matters relating to Auchinraith School.

First on the agenda was the sanctioning of £850 borrowed to make alterations to the school. Plans had already been drawn up and contractors sought for the alterations to happen during the closed School term summer holidays that year.

A discussion then arose about the ongoing defective heating in the School, which had been a disappointment to all given the school was still relatively new. Reports of experts were produced suggesting that a new boiler would be needed. Mr Menzies, Convenor of the School Committee was of the opinion that the old boiler which had never been in proper working order might still be sufficient, but the rest of the committee was of the opinion that a mistake had been made and the boiler was inadequate for the purposes of heating such a large building.

Next the Board were presented with a letter from Mr. Welsh, the school’s headmaster pointing out the inadequacy of having only one piano in the school. The piano was considered absolutely vital for the infant room but was also needed to drill the pupils in the gym hall for 2 hours per day, resulting in it having to be wheeled back and forth. Damage was being done to the piano and constantly replacing the castors. Another piano for the hall would meet needs. The Board discussed the matter and concluded that there were plenty of strong fellows about who could push the piano back and forth without the need to purchase another.

The former Auchinraith School is pictured around 1905 at the time of this article.

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