Watson Street Development

Prior to 1905, Watson Street was merely a roughly formed cul de sac leading from Broompark Road consisting of old properties, not in the best condition.

In Summer 1905, a new footway was formed, a narrow path for pedestrians joining Hunthill Road to Watson Street, at a point around three quarters of its length nowadays. This was initially likely a shortcut route for miners to get to Dixons Pit 4 at Larkfield. By October 1905, Parish Councillor Davidson was asking for a new lamp for this footway, for its proximity to the Calder made it a dark route, especially as darker nights were coming.

It would take until the late 1920s and the slum clearances for almost all of the old homes on Watson Street to be demolished with exception of only a couple. The road was also shortly after widened to approximate widths as it is today, when the steel houses were built on its south western side.

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