Gaslamps, 1908

A little piece of Blantyre news from mid September 1908. On 16th September that year, a local newspaper reported:

“The Blantyre street lamps have this week been getting a touch up with dark green paint, but so far there is no sign of the lamps resuming their Winter usefulness. As we have now reached the 16th September, one is inclined to think that the lamps should be lit. Talking of this reminds us that a few new lamps are at present being erected in some of our side areas and it is therefore evident that our Councillors have not been going about their business with their eyes shut. Some areas of Blantyre will therefore enjoy street light in the evenings for the first time.”

The lighting of street gas lamps was clearly seasonal, in darker months only. Lit manually, by hand, it’s easy to forget what a task this must have been each night and how much we take automatic street lighting in our lives for granted now. The era this article refers to was way prior to any lighting being electric.

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