Need for More Schools, 1909

On the afternoon of Tuesday 28th September 1909, a special meeting of the Blantyre School Board was held to discuss the growing shortage of places for pupils in Blantyre Schools. In particular, the meeting was to discuss the proposal of new schools.

The meeting took place in the Parish Council Chambers in High Blantyre on Cemetery Road with Dr Grant as chairman, presiding. Also present were Messrs Douglas, Menzies, Roberts, McAnulty, Lammond, Miller and Mr Brown the clerk.

The special meeting for discussion was the proposal to build new elementary and intermediate schools within Blantyre to meet the demand which had arisen for additional educational facilities within the Parish, and to decide definitely the nature of the building.

After the matter had been carefully and unanimously discussed, it was agreed on the motion, seconded by Mr McAnulty, that an elementary school to accommodate 500 pupils and an intermediate school of eight classrooms —laboratory (chemical and physical), art room, workshop, gymnasium, cookery, laundry, and housewifery—to accommodate 320 pupils, including a janitors house, to be built on the same site.

The cost of the elementary school, it was agreed, was not to exceed £10 Per pupil; and the intermediate school (inclusive of janitor’s home) not more than £5,000. The Clerk was instructed to issue to a number of architects an outline of the dimensions of the proposed buildings, and to invite competitive plans.

The feasibility of various sites were discussed, and eventually it was ageed that a committee comprising of Mr Douglas, Miller and Roberts should meet, if convenient on the following Monday, the representative of Colonal Clark Forrest’s Trustees to arrange terms.

The site proposed was to be opposite the New Police Station either beside Hastie’s Stonefield Farm and Annfield, or on the vacant land between Victoria Street and Craig Street, which ultimately as most will know, was the preferred and eventual decision.

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