School Board – Any Other Business, 1910

I was interested reading through a Blantyre School Board note from May 1910 to see some more unusual items in their final discussions of the day, when asked if there was “any other business?”

After the lengthy discussions about potentially adding a gymnasium to the proposed plans for Calder Street School and deciding to prosecute some parents for the children’s non attendance, the School Board business turned to anything else which needed brought up. A few interesting conversations followed.

  1. It was agreed to close Blantyre Schools on Friday 20th May 1910, on account of the late King’s (Edward VII) funeral. [pictured] Upon checking the weather, May had been unseasonably cold in Lanarkshire, so there may not have been much playing outside. However, given those times prior to TV or indeed any decent radio, I’m sure all Blantyre children would have appreciate the long weekend.
  2. The teachers then made a plea to the Board to fix the dates for the Summer Holidays. Almost all the teachers most desperately wanted to attend the Aviation show coming to Lanark and they wanted to know if such a visit would be possible or if they would still be teaching. Dates were fixed from 1st July until 16th August (approximately a week shorter than modern school holidays). I thought of the teachers in the staff room discussing the new spectacle of aviation seeing the strange, early aeroplanes take off and land in Lanark’s small airstrip. It would have been exciting for them seeing this new phenomenon and being able to get up close to the parked machines on the field. [pictured]
  3. Finally, the committee raised the desire to vote on giving the children classes teaching them art and how to draw. Such things were still frowned on by some teachers, considered recreational rather than educational, so a vote was needed. It was agreed to vote on that another day.

All the above was considered proper and appropriate school business, part of the meeting minutes.

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