High Blantyre Primary Trip, 1981

A lot of recognisable names and faces in this photo. These kids the same age as me. Shared by Robert Brownlie, this is High Blantyre Primary School on their P7 Drumclog School trip in 1981/2.

Top row, left to right-

Stuart Tremble
Paul Craig
Steven Miller (Tiny)
Graham Lusk (Lucky)
John Black (JJ)
David Morn / McAbe

2nd row-

Dawn Burns
Stuart Mcilvennie
Lorraine Johnstone
Lindsay McLean
Gail McLinton
Fraser Brown
Lisa Kane
Irene Gibson
Alan Hambly

3rd row-

David McMahon
Craig Fleming
Denise Fulston
Angela Lily
Jaqueline Reid
Lesley Addison

Bottom row-

David Stewart
Nicola Mackenzie

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