Lino & Curtains Sale, 1910

Now this advert in the Hamilton Herald in 1910 certainly puzzled me. On one particular Saturday in December 1910 two tons of linoleum and 500 pairs of curtains were being sold at Logan Street, Blantyre. The strange thing is, knowing that Logan Street had only been formed for a few years earlier, in 1910, it was no more than the drill hall and 5 or 6 houses. I can’t find shops in Logan Street at that time, raising the question, was this sale taking place inside the drill hall or in an outdoor winter market setting?

It is more likely relates to the buildings near the Priory Public House at the corner of Glasgow Road, but I can’t find the name of the business nor see shops in those buildings. This was perhaps a one off sale, bought in mass quantities and advertised well in advance so that the full stock could be shifted in a short time.

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