Books Available at Livingstone’s

From this week, all 10 Blantyre Project books now have a permanent retail outlet at the new Livingstone’s Cafe!

The sale of books from a dedicated place has been missing since the fire in the Miners Resource Centre and with thanks to the kindness of Hazel Krawczyk, these charitable local history books can now be bought from a walk in source in the Village in the newly renovated buildings at David Livingstone Birthplace.

It’s never been a problem as people came to my door for books, but from this week, please be aware, i have no stock kept at home, the books now only available offline here at Livingstone’s Cafe or online, as usual shipped globally with free delivery from Amazon. As such, the books are same price whether you buy them offline or online.

Look out for a brand new book coming later this year!

Photos Courtesy: Blantyre Telegraph

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