1940s Blantyre School

This is a school photo taken in Blantyre and whilst the school and actual year is unknown, there is a LOT of information about the names of pupils and the teacher, which I’m hoping will be able to identify both the school and a more approximate year. I’m going to say this looks like the 1940s into 1950s. Do you recognise any of the children or names?

Boys on Back Row: A Geddes, G Bannister, A.McSkimming, A. Rae, J. Dunlop, D Crothers, G McIvor and T Laird. The teacher is Miss Fraser.
2nd Back row boys: J Irvine, T McKenzie, J Swinburne, T Middleton, R Maxwell, P Houston, R Farrel
Middle Girls row: C Valentine, Sinclair, S Baird, Mc Neil, Scott, Hails.
Second row from front girls: J McCabe, M Paterson, C Cowan, G Hodge, M Buchanan, M Greenhorn, E Buchanan, M MecKeenin, McCall
Front row: Baille, E McGregor, A Scott , E Cunningham

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  1. Hi Paul, is this the same Miss Fraser who taught me at David Livingstone Memorial Primary School in the 1950s? I recall her if she is the same person, mostly for singing a hymn each morning before classes began, one I remember vividly is “I to the hills will lift mine eyes.” I also recall her being quite a role model and featuring in my wish to also become a teacher.

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