Weddings of Blantyre Folk, 1968

Going to four local weddings from 1968. First up is Betty Finlay and James McCaskie. James of Stonefield Place married Salsburgh woman, Betty at Blantyre Old Parish Church. They’re pictured here cutting their cake.

Next is Nancy Barr and James Campbell. Nancy from Hamilton married James of Waverley Terrace also in 1968. They were married at Hamilton Baptist Church and Studio Paris took the photos.

Next is Dorothy McCartney and George Dyer. George was living at Kerr Street and married East Kilbride woman Dorothy in 1968. They married in the bride’s home town.

and finally, Wilma Cairns and Robert Cornfield are pictured at their wedding in 1968. It’s Robert who has the Blantyre connections, living at Birdsfield Drive in the timber houses when he married. Wilma from Eddlewood and Robert married at South Church, Hamilton. We hope all the couples have happy marriages. If you’re photographed here and for any reason don’t want the photo to appear in the Blantyre archived photos, please let me know.

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